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Domestic Violence Charges Require An Effective Attorney

Last updated on April 10, 2024

Good people are capable of making mistakes. This applies to domestic violence charges. If you have somehow found yourself charged with an act of domestic abuse, the lawyer at Britton Law LLC is here to help you, not judge you.

With nearly 20 years of experience, attorney Peter A. Britton works with clients in South Bend and the surrounding area who need fast, effective criminal defense. Because he is a former prosecutor, he knows how the state builds its case and how he can create a persuasive case on your behalf. You can trust that he will do everything in his power to defend your reputation, your parental rights and your freedom.

What Does Indiana Consider To Be Domestic Violence?

The state recognizes both violent offenses and nonviolent offenses as forms of domestic abuse. These may include physical harm, threats of harm, stalking, harassment and sex crimes. To count as domestic violence, the perpetrator must commit an act of physical aggression against:

  • A current or former spouse
  • A current or former intimate partner
  • A co-parent
  • Their child

Domestic violence can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the severity and whether it is a repeat offense. Common consequences range from orders of protection against the perpetrator to jail time.

Reduce Your Sentence And Keep Your Children

Attorney Britton strives to reduce the impacts of arrests, charges and convictions. This may involve negotiating reduced charges, arguing for lighter sentences or securing placements in anger management education programs. If you have children, he can also help you protect your right to custody and visitation with them.

Reach Out For Effective Legal Help Today

Domestic violence cases move very quickly. Attorney Britton has the experience to launch your defense just as fast. Call him at 574-218-0989 or send him an email to schedule an initial consultation.