Nearly 20 Years Of Criminal Law Experience Defending The People Of South Bend

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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

If you are like most people living in northern Indiana, you probably never thought you would need to search for a criminal defense attorney. But you probably also know just how important hiring the right lawyer will be over the next several weeks and months. Nothing less than your entire future is at stake.

Britton Law LLC opened in 2016. As a former prosecutor, Peter A. Britton understands how county prosecutors prepare their cases and never forgets that the burden of proof for a conviction is always on them.

Your Future Should Not Hinge On A Bad Mistake

Now, attorney Britton puts his experience and knowledge to work for people who have been charged with criminal offenses. Like you, they are people who may have found themselves in the wrong places or with the wrong people or who simply made errors in judgment.

If you or someone in your family needs experienced legal counsel, attorney Britton invites you to learn more about his experience and credentials in his profile link:

Reach Out For A Free Consultation

You can’t afford to wait and see what the prosecutor will do next. Your first and best move right now is to get a strategic and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. Call Britton Law LLC at 574-218-0989 or contact the office in South Bend by email. Attorney Britton represents people charged with state and federal felonies, misdemeanors and operating while intoxicated (OWI) in counties throughout northern Indiana.